Malware Information

Nessus identified that the remote host is running a known malware. Here is the information about the file itself:
First Seen2011-12-14T01:28:00.000Z  
Last Seen2016-12-23T15:25:16.000Z  
File Size181248  

Antivirus Vendor Results

Vendor Name Vendor Known to Tenable? Vendor is "Major Trusted Vendor"? Vendor Finding
ahnlab: Adware/Win32.Gamevance
antivir: detected
avast: Known Vendor Win32:Adware-gen [Adw]
avg: Known Vendor GameVance (Adware)
bitdefender: Known Vendor Major Vendor
clamav: Known Vendor Win.Adware.Gamevance-43829
drweb: Known Vendor Adware.Siggen.31705
esetnod32: Known Vendor Major Vendor Win32/Adware.Gamevance.BE (PUA)
f_prot: Known Vendor
fortinet: Known Vendor Riskware/GameVance
gdata: Win32.Application.Agent.QPLOHK
ikarus: Trojan.Win32.Agent
k7computing: Adware (001e17c41)
kaspersky_online: Known Vendor Major Vendor
mcafee_online: Known Vendor Major Vendor GameVance.gen.w (PUP)
microsoft: Known Vendor Major Vendor
panda_online: Known Vendor
rising_online: Malware.Generic!oKlJttfD4TP@5 (Thunder)
sophos_online: Known Vendor Major Vendor Generic PUA EM (PUA)
sunbelt: GameVance
symantec_beta: Known Vendor Major Vendor
trendmicro_consumer: Known Vendor Major Vendor
vba32: AdWare.Gamevance
virusbuster: Adware.Gamevance!nLsuk6lsu4s (trojan)
17 of 25 Antivirus vendors flagged, 8 Known AVs Flagged (must be > 3 to flag as Malware), 3 Major AVs Flagged

Results provided by as of Thursday, October 21, 2021 8:04:59 PM UTC